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Chibi Kurisu Stickers: Cooking with Kurisu

Chibi Kurisu Stickers: Cooking with Kurisu

Are you ready to cook a great meal together?!  Now is your chance to support KurisuFox and her Twitch channel AND to show your enthusiasm for cuisine!! (´。^ ω ^。`)


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  • Product Information

    6"×6" Vinyl KurisuFox Stickers, printed and cut with care by Kurisu Fox, herself!!

    These vinyl stickers offer more durability than standard paper stickers, and will stick to almost any surface.

    WARNING:  These stickers are made with materials that are intended to permanently adhere to nearly any surface they have been applied on.  If applied to surfaces, like walls, appliances, vehicles, etc., there is a chance they may leave an adhesive residue and/or cause damage to interior paint/drywall, etc. if removed.

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